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A holistic approach to wellness for pets and their people.


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Pet Therapy and Readings

Pet Therapy helps you to understand life from your pets perspective.  To discover their experiences with illness or injury, trauma, abuse and or fears. To provide "end of life" support and to strengthen the overall bond you share with your pet.

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Remote Energy Therapy

Remote Energy Therapy is a distance healing session that allows the recipient to benefit from the healing process even if they are unable to be present due to distance or illness.  Most all of my work is done remotely with clients scattered throughout the United States.

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Intuitive Energy Therapy

Is a hands on or hands off approach to working with the energetic vibrations within the physical body.  When vital Life Force energy is flowing freely we experience optimum wellbeing.  When energy becomes blocked by long held negative states - rigid thought patterns, negative emotions, toxins etc., we experience dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-stress.


“Sometimes reaching out and taking someone's hand is the beginning of a journey.  At other times it's allowing another to take yours."

Vera Nazarian

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