What My Clients Are Saying


"Excellent reading full of great insight into her behavior.  What a gift you share helping all of us grow and thrive.  I'll be in touch when my oldest beautiful female dog needs to communicate, thank you and blessings."

Cindy P

"He didn't notice anything last night, but when I got home she came outside to greet me and her tail was super waggy and I sensed she felt relieved.  Then today on our morning walk, she walked 3x further than she has in a LONG time.  She's definitely trying, and I am happy to gain a better understanding of her.  Sheila is amazing!  Thank you for facilitating this."


"Thank you for the readings! We sure hope it makes a difference.  
I'll get with you again for a reading with our dogs.  One is older and has hip issues.  Thank you again!"


"Thank you Sheila!  In October 2016, I left my beloved dog Bear for a 4-5 day trip.  Bear and I are extremely close - he constantly follows me around the house, keeps his eyes on me, sits next to me and sleeps with me at night - he basically never leaves my side and enjoys non-stop closeness, cuddling and attention. Therefore, I was shocked to return from my trip to a very distraught,  angry and distant little dog. He would not climb the stairs - instead of following me he would sit and cry at the bottom of the stairs. He would yelp anytime I tried to pet him. And he would hide in the closet instead of sleep with me. This was very alarming and I cried until I  contacted Sheila at Doggone Zen who said "bring him to me" which I immediately did. After a 20 minute session, HE WAS 100% BACK TO NORMAL!  I had my Baby Bear back, which was priceless to me!  

Fast forward to now ... I am currently on a 10-day vacation out of state.  I called Doggone Zen and asked Sheila to communicate with Bear REMOTELY to ease his anxiety as I prepare for my trip. She CONNECTED WITH BEAR AT MY HOME (FROM HER HOME) AND has also communicated with him since I've been gone.  All seems AOK so far. I will check in with an update on Bear upon my return home next week. ❤️

Sheila's work might be hard for people to grasp or comprehend but all I can say it that it is amazing and it works!  I have seen it with my own eyes at least 4 times now. I call her now for any pet need. I am so grateful !!!"

Sara N

"After my first hands on Reiki experience, I felt much lighter, inside and out. It felt as though I had a massage and a good cry all at once. Since, I have been having weekly long distance Reiki. I always know when it is being done as I notice I take a deep breath, it's as though all negativity is being released. My experience with Reiki has been positive and energizing in many aspects for myself."


"When I need insight I look to Sheila.  She has the gift of intuition."  

"My cat, Nikkoli, suddenly became ill last summer.  I did everything I could to help him (vet visits, tests, tests and more tests, medications, hospital stays), it was a very confusing and painful time deciding what to do next while not knowing what was wrong with him and how he was feeling or what his chances were to make it through and live a comfortable life after any further procedures.  I got the call to pick Nikkoli up at the hospital; they said he was doing much better, but when I got him home, he did not look good at all.  I contacted Sheila in a panic and she helped me to connect with him.  She did long distance reiki on him and said he was "ready to go home" but that he did not want to make the transition at the hospital; he wanted to transition at home with me.  I checked on him again and he seemed even worse, on the edge you might say, so I called the vet to come over and release him from his agony.  Within a moment, he passed away on his own.  I am glad that Sheila could communicate with him and let me know that I did all that I could and that he was tired and ready to go.  My mind was put at ease (as much as can be expected) during a difficult and sad time.  

Later, my second cat, Mimi, accidentally got out of the house, the weather turned bad and became lost. She was away for 10 days.  I contacted Sheila and asked her to please try to located Mimi.  Sheila was able to tell me that Mimi was somewhere outside (no one had taken her in), and that she was completely screwed up directionally.  Sheila said that something would happen within 3 days, which eased my mind.   And BAM! ... on the second day, I got a phone call from a neighbor who spotted my cat outside and I was able to find her and get her home."


"You are amazing friend...  I love reading these and what you have done for my girl!"

Jen A

"I'm so glad I did this.  Thank you Sheila!  You have helped us in so many ways!"


"Sheila telecommunicated with my Buck a few weeks ago.  Best thing I ever did!  Bucks been doing amazing ever since."

Kelly B

Happy Birthday to me, today I turn 3!!!  #Jack 🎁🦀
Enough about Jack!  Pate Choux selfie
Logan after #Reiki
After Reiki peaceful and content_Doggone Zen
Phoenix after #Reiki
This was an email from one of my Pet Reiki clients about her dog Lulu who has been fearful of thunde


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